Lea Tsemel, Orehet Din Free Movie english subtitle Full Length release date







  • Rachel Leah Jones
  • Year - 2019
  • Switzerland
  • Benjamin Netanyahu, Avigdor Feldman
  • genre - Documentary
  • Philippe Bellaiche



Sounds like a smart move after all Islam is the religion of peace and love

Why cant she be prime minister. God bless this woman. Advokat i israel images. If Lea succeeded 20 years ago in ending torture in Israeli prisons, what were all of those hunger strikes about 2 years ago? Oh now I hear her admit that the security forces are continuing to torture, with flagrant disregard for the rule of law. It in some ways seems like a waste of a mind and soul of a saint to be a lawyer in an Apartheid state.

Advokat israel. Wonderful human being. Fresh killed Palestinians 50% off. Advokat i israel full. Advokat i israel 2017.

Whichever way the wind blows, lady

Advokat i israel online. ✡ Long Live Zion ✡. Advokat i. Advokat i israel video. Boycott Israel just because they say you can't. BDS.


Wake up world! Israel and the US are the two villains in this long running movie. At least some Israelis are not brainwashed jingoists.

Good luck and most sincere respect for your work

Advokat in israel. It is self delusion to think that a person can find their humanity in defending the right of terrorists to murder innocent people for being Jewish. Of course it is a great advertisement for her book. I chose my humanity. Hypocrite. The leftists and other anti semites will just eat it up. Advokat i israel vs. Advocate israel confirmation civil rights.

Advokat i israel go. Nobody cares.

Netanyau is the most corrupt & worst leader of Israel

Advokat i israel lyrics. Advokat i israel 2016. I speak english too bad for explain my respect about this woman. God bless this woman. Democracy now is one of the best news in the world. But about this clip, i should say it's too hard for me to believe z~i~o~s. Because their government made a bad name for all of them. People around the world can't believe them anymore because they have a leader like satanyahu. All of their leaders have kept killing innocent people and they've bullied everybody, Since ww2 till right now. Even here in US, u can see soros supporting democrats and sheldon supporting republicans. Its been decades they've played dirty games with american people. Besides, they own all famous US medias included cnn, fox news, cbs, nbc, msnbc and abc.

Respect this kind of people who protect Palestinian ☺ Hope more people like this. Support Palestine doesn't mean you hate jews because actually many jews support Palestine. No, she is nothing but a hypocrite and a Jew hater, and we have many of her kind around the Glob, some of these kind of people R in for money, that R given to their so called organization, from the fakestinians and the far left, and some like to tell lies and what the inept world want to hear and not the truth, in order to make a name for themselves.

Its people like her who inspire me to dissuade those posts that say nuke Israel. Please respectively in the Agreement and live with the UN in peace and equally and Muti Ethics different. The real freedom is we don't in the slavery of Violence 🔫 but living to be neighborhood. Please 🙏🏼. Advokat i israel national.


Advokat i israeli. Advokat i israel youtube. Zionist terror must be stopped. Advokat i israel free. Advokat i israel live. Of course, the US government would support the Likud party and it's anti Palestinian policies. Our country's history began with killing the native Americans who were there to greet us. After our ancestors committed mass genocide, we took the land from the remaining tribes, and then forced them to either travel thousands of miles, Trail of Tears. Or we allowed them to stay on parcels of land the whites didn't want to live on (until gold or silver was discovered. The Israeli government treats the Palestinians who live in Gaza, The West Bank, or in Israel itself, as interlopers, or second class citizens, disregarding the fact that these people have lived in Canaan for over a millenia. Israel needs to get itself together. Otherwise, it will become the next South Africa circa 1980s.

Advokat i israel movie. Advokat i israël et les. Netanyahu already said its fake news. Israel is an occupying force and should be see as one. Advocate israel fire nears rights.




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